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Statue of Liberty x Artist Residency

One day after her 125th birthday last year, Lady Liberty decided she needed a year’s worth of a make-over that cost the state $27 million. Poor girl has people walking all over her! This summer, the Statue of Liberty will reopen along with an amazing opportunity for all artists out there… The National Park Service collaborated with New Jersey City University and published its first artist residency program. Three to six artists will get the chance to show the approximately 3 million yearly visitors their work! The winners even get to choose a two, three or four-week residency and are offered a free studio space and housing at the University.
Does this all sound tempting? Well, anything that epic can’t be too easy to obtain. Not only will the winner not get a stipend, but the guidelines state that all projects “must promote and celebrate the re-opening of the Statue of Liberty to visitors late in 2012.” Yet, one thing might make the missing stipend irrelevant: full access to the Ellis Island museum and library are granted (it’s normally not granted to the public).[ArtLog]

Applications from sculptors, photographers and painters are being accepted through May 21.