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André Saraiva: Andréopolis at The Hole NYC

If you have ever wanted to feel like King Kong for a night, then this upcoming exhibition is for you. The Hole NYC is presenting the first major solo show of André Saraiva’s “Andrépolis”. Saravia will build a miniature city installation with fifteen wooden painted and fully lighted buildings. Part of the gallery will be also transformed in a city at night, with miniature neons and bulbs lighting up his version of New York City, including restaurants and clubs.

Saraiva was first known as a graffiti artist and vandal “Mr. A” who sprayed a happy-looking stick figure onto walls. Not knowing how to really write love letters, Saraiva starting at only 13 years old with graffiti instead and sprayed his love-interests’ name onto the wall. Since then his stickfigure Mr. A. spreads love where ever he is sprayed onto.

Now working for various high-end designers, and founder & co-owner of Hotel Amour (along with Thierry Costes of Hotel Costes) and legendary Club Le Baron, Saraiva gets to create his little miniature world at The Hole, in which he gets to keep on spreading l’amour!

Apparently, there will also be a carousel for adults. Whatever that may be, but it’s most probably worth it.

Opening is June 7th from 6-9pm and ends August 10th!