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Bome: The Sculptor Behind Murakami


They say behind every successful man, lies a woman. But behind Takashi Murakami lies legendary japanese sculptor Bome who made figurines privately before being discovered by Murakami, and has since been in the factory of artists at KaiKai Kiki. The artist, whose trademark are his glasses and baseball cap (of which his pseudonym is comprised of) has made figurines for anime and video games like GunBuster, Full Metal Panic, Dead or Alive, Kiddy Grade, Xenosaga and Jingai Makyo: Chaos Gate. His trademark figurines all have adorable facial features accompanied with exaggerated sexual attributes and most have their panties exposed.
If you have ever wanted to own one of Murakami’s sculptures: you can – and don’t even have to shell out thousands of it. Bome’s figurines sell for $20 and up.

Here a video depicting Bome during his work on a model: